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Akin Busari releases a new song titled Olè Ajiolè (Benjamin Franklin) inspired by real life events..

Influential music frontline artiste, Akin Busari, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer. As usual, Akin has done it again, coming out with another sonorous melody and conscious music, deeply rooted in raw afrobeat - Akin Busari is a multi-styler, his new single titled “Ole Ajibole (Benjamin Franklin)” talks about how Nigeria and Africa at large has been exploited and looted in the past

Akin Busari needs no introduction, he won best Artist at the African Entertainment Awards in Canada, he won Best Toronto R&B/Soul Song and Best Toronto Hip Hop Song at the Toronto Exclusive Awards in 2009 and Best Toronto R&B Soul Song in 2010, he was nominated for the Black Canadian Awards in 2015 and also the Independent Music Award for best song under the Sing Out For Social Action for his song “Harmony”

“Ole Ajibole (Benjamin Franklin)” commands a unique flow, with strong lyrical depth and a catchy vibe that would definitely get you bopping your head, one hand on your waist and the other hand in the air; like you just don’t care

Song produced by the one and only, Fliptyce. Listen:

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